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Work up a sweat

10th February 2014

Hot on the heels of Thamesmead Gym’s successful opening of their brand new expanded premises at The Link, they now have some funding news to shout about.

It has long been the Gym’s ambition to reach out to members of the local community who traditionally find it difficult to participate in gym-based fitness activities, particularly people with disabilities.

Now, thanks to a grant of £9,942 from Awards for All, Thamesmead Gym will be providing a range of accessible fitness machines to cater for Thamesmead’s harder to reach people.

Head Coach Kaylan Townsend says he’s delighted at the news, and is excited at the prospect of finally being able to offer health activities for the entire community. He said: “This is great news for Thamesmead Gym and I’d like to thank the Trust’s Head of Business Development, Richard Fishlock, for his help in gaining this award.

“We can now offer circuit training for people with disabilities as well as older people and 13 to 16 year olds. The equipment will help us reach out to local disabled people, but access and equipment is only part of the story; we realise that good customer care is critical, so our staff and volunteers will continue to be trained to be aware of disabled people's needs.

“One of the benefits of the equipment we have selected is that it can be used by all members of the community, so we will also use it to target older people and those suffering from obesity. There are not many gyms that can cater for such a range of users and I look forward to working more closely with the local community."

Richard, who wrote the funding bid on behalf of the Gym, also believes the grant can make a huge difference: “The equipment the Gym has purchased is designed for people who want to lose weight and improve their health and physical condition but don’t access traditional gyms.

“Disabled people and older people are particularly 'hard to reach' groups in terms of engagement in physical activity, but we all believe that with the right equipment and programmes of activity we can more easily engage with this particular section of the community. In turn, users will feel fitter, more included, less isolated, and more self-confident.”

If you fancy trying out the new equipment, or if you know someone who might, do pop in to Thamesmead Gym or give Kaylan a call, T: 07914 320554.