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Welcome Wigan

11th November 2013

The Link held a sleepover for young people from Thamesmead Youth Voice (TYV) and Wigan Youth Zone. This was in return of Wigan Youth Zone hosting TYV for a fun filled residential in the summer.

The Linl's Reception/Operations worker, Nadia takes up the story: “The weekend was filled with lots of activities and fun for the young people to take part in. It started on Friday night when Wigan arrived at the centre around 10pm and we started off with ice breakers, fun games and prep for the Saturday activity. As you can imagine with young people it was an eventful night, not going to sleep until 4am.

“On Saturday the young people took part in the ‘London Challenge’. This was an activity where the young people went around with an adult (either from The Link or Wigan) and had a list of landmark places around London from football stadiums, cathedrals, galleries to railway stations and they had to go to as many places as possible and take a team picture there. They set off around 8.30am and did not return back to the centre until 6pm.

“It was a great way for them all to see London and good competition. The winner of this was Jo’s team with 380 points, closely followed by my team with 360 points.

“However Coral’s team unfortunately lost 29 points off their score due to them being 29 minutes late back. Despite the points lost they still did not end up in last position, so well done to them.”
Jo from the winning team said “Although it was really wet & cold it was a great activity for not only the people from Wigan but also our young people to see London and places they have never been before. I think winning made up for the poor weather though.”

Naomi who on a nine month Gapper placement at The LInk continued: “After a long cold & wet day the young people returned back to centre, had something to eat and watched a movie before going to bed.”

“On the last day (Sunday) they made a trip to Chatham Ski Centre, taking part in Tobogganing and snow tubing. Dal, who went along with the young people, said “OMG it was amazing, it’s opened a whole new world for me, I now want to go skiing and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. It was great to see the Wigan lot again.”

Naomi said: “Overall the whole weekend was a success with the young people having a great time, going around London and getting to know each other better. It was great to see the young people enjoying themselves”; whilst Zach found it “energy sapping but a fun filled weekend.”


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