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Twist & Pulse in da house

6th November 2013

We caught up with one-time Thamesmead resident, Ashley Glazebrook aka Twist from Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) runner’s up 2010, Twist and Pulse after he took a streetomedy class in The Studio at The Link during October (2013) half-term. Here is what he had to say…

Hi Ashley! How did today’s class go?

It was brilliant. It was so much fun. It was great meeting all the young people and putting them through their paces and speaking as someone who absolutely loved growing up in Thamesmead, I am proud and honoured to have delivered a streetomedy dance workshop at The Link.

What was it like growing up in Thamesmead?

I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m still in touch with friends; they always knew I would do something like this.

How did you get into street dance?

I was walking pass Church of the Cross in Lensbury Way when I heard music playing – it was local street dance group, Myztikal and there was a sign outside saying membership was free so I went along and then went back every Friday for ages, then I joined another local street dance group, Dynamix and things went from there. I still keep in touch with a lot of the members – we have reunions and watch old video tapes!

How did streetomedy come about?

I met Pulse at The Brit School – we had good banter and became mates instantly. We did lots of street dance together and we had such a laugh whilst doing it and decided to put a routine together to the Cheeky Girls and everyone loved it!

Tell us a bit about how and why you applied for BGT...

We performed at The Brit School’s end of year show and everyone said we should enter Britain’s Got Talent then we saw and advert on TV and thought: “This is meant to be”. We didn’t take the application that seriously – we said we were based in Manchester for some reason and the next thing we know, we were asked to go for an audition in London.

What has life been like since BGT?

It has been crazy! I asked my dad the first time I appeared on TV if he thought anyone would recognise me and as I walked out of the door, I was being stopped. It’s good fun. We are still performing and enjoying every minute, I feel we have achieved our dream. It doesn’t feel like a job.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you since BGT?

There have been so many good things but possibly presenting our own TV show in China – it was their biggest dance show featuring very famous stars on the panel which was aired to 200 million people!!! Then there was the 66 day Olympic torch tour held around the U.K. last year, finishing in front of 80,000 people in Hyde Park and presenting at the Children’s BAFTA’s last year.

What’s next for Twist & Pulse?

We are working on a live tour and training to be presenters. (Move out the way Ant & Dec, there’s a new double-act in town!)

What do you think of The Link?

It is a brilliant place. I didn’t realise there was so much inside; it is really lively and energetic.

Do you think The Link would’ve made a different to you if it had been around when you was growing up?

Totally. We didn’t have facilities like this I was growing up; we used to practice on carpet in socks and in garages, whereas The Link with its sprung floor would’ve helped us to progress quicker. It is a fantastic place and an amazing use of space.”

Where is your favourite place in Thamesmead?

Around Hartslock Drive; I felt so safe growing up around there – I would often knock for my friends and go skating or bike riding and not have to cross a single road to get to them. All the families looked out for each other. It was a real nice, tight-knit community.