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Centre Manager appointed

30th June 2011

"Hello! My name is Mark Blundell and I am the new Centre Manager of The Link Thamesmead.

"I have been in post for a few weeks now, so I've had the chance to see for myself just how busy the Trust is. There is a lot going on, just the way I like it!

"I am looking forward to playing my part in the coming weeks, months and years, in helping to provide a quality service at The Link, which will provide a place for the entire community, one you are proud of and most importantly, one that changes young peoples lives for the better.

"I have met many of you during my short time at the Trust and will be meeting many more of you over the summer and beyond. Now you know what I look like, come and say hello. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please get in touch! Otherwise, keep logging on to find out about developments and an official opening date."