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Visit from Baroness Newlove

22nd November 2011

Government champion for Active, Safer Communities Baroness Newlove visited Thamesmead on Wednesday 8 November 2011, where she met with Trust Thamesmead and members of various community groups to talk about our aspirations and how we can work to achieve them.

The Baroness was particularly taken with Southmere Lake which will offer water-sports on behalf of The Link Thamesmead when it opens next year. "I have been blown away by the can-do attitude of the young people and the Trust and what you have all achieved at The Link Thamesmead before it has even opened.

"What I have seen here today by meeting the Trust, the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and members of the community is both fantastic and inspiring. You are actually doing things to benefit the community, not just sitting around talking about it.

People outside of Thamesmead have a misconception about the area - many think it is a concrete city, which just isn't true. There is so much vibrancy; you can look at the bricks but it is what is behind them that matters and there is so much enthusiasm and community passion here."