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Free activities

15th January 2014

Get involved at The Link, for free, with Archway Project. Take a peek at what they offer and get in touch - you'll be glad you did!

Cycle Workshop
5.00-7:30pm, Mondays

Learn bicycle repair and maintenance with our experienced tutors and gear-up and head out on fun cycle rides.

Movie Monday
5.00-8.00pm, Mondays

With a state of the art cinema system you can enjoy your favourite movie in the comfort of our Lounge.

Computer Club
6:30-8:00pm, Mondays

Write computer codes, create games, control robots or program flying nano quadcopters.

5:00-7:30pm Tues & Thurs
6:00-8:30pm Weds

Cook, bake and make the sweetest of treats or tastiest pizzas in our super kitchen


T: 020 8310 1730
E: info@archwayproject.org
W: www.archwayproject.org