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Local student stars in Misfits

8th November 2013

Meet budding actor and The Link’s Theatre Street Performing Arts pupil, Jake Lee who graced our TV screens on Wednesday during the final series of E4's award winning hit TV show, Misfits.

So Jake, how did you get the part in Misfits?

The show filmed in Thamesmead and approached Theatre Street Performing Arts as a local business group to find out if they knew of any young people that would like to feature on their show.

Amazing! Tell us a bit about your character and what you had to do…

I play someone who mugs Rudi. What was really good about it is that it was all improvised. I absolutely loved working with Joseph Gilgun who plays Rudi – I’ve been a fan of his for years!

Is this the first time you will be on the telly?

Yes, I have only ever been in school projects so far.

How nervous were you?

Very but I needn’t of worried, everyone was really nice and welcoming. I felt really comfortable.

What tips did you pick-up on set?

So many! It was fantastic to be there with like-minded people, learning off them and picking up tips and gaining experience. They let me watch quite a few scenes, I couldn’t have asked for more.

What’s next for you?

I am a personal fitness instructor, so I will keep working whilst I keep attending Theatre Street and look for acting jobs.

Good luck and well done to Jake and Theatre Street's other actors, Toshaan and Luke who are extras in this final series too.

Misfits, 10:00pm, Wednesdays, E4


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