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Putting Thamesmead on the map

11th September 2013

The Link is taking part in the annual Open House London weekend, 10:00am-1:00pm on 21 and 22 September and you are invited!

Open House London is a truly city-wide celebration of the buildings, places and spaces where we live and work and is a unique opportunity to see, explore and learn about London’s amazing architecture and design over one weekend.

Sporting Club Thamesmead and The Link Thamesmead have been built by local community development agency, Trust Thamesmead and opened their doors for the first time during the past 12 months. Both projects were designed by Saville Jones Architects, who will be on-hand on Sunday 22 September to answer any questions.

Architect Haydn Jones said: “The Link offers an exciting opportunity to provide much needed community facilities to the Thamesmead population.

“The project utilises previously dead space under the arches of a flyover in the centre of Thamesmead. The physical “Arches” space is defined by the supporting concrete structure created by the fly-over. This outlines a series of simple, ‘non-spaces’ located under the road.

“This undeveloped land typically found in urban areas is often neglected and abused. However, it presents a unique opportunity in which to explore both the needs of the community and how their requirements can be fundamentally embodied in this facility. To maximise the use of such an area and utilise the structure for shelter is a beautifully simple sustainable concept.

“The design has explored how to turn this physical ‘hard’ space into a carefully defined, tangible building focused on youth facilities. The design therefore is bold and colourful using materials which are ‘softer’ than the concrete which encloses the Arches and acts as a curtain pulled out across its face; the aim being to create the unexpected, allowing the space to reinvent itself, with a greater energy and renewed capacity to serve the community.”

Sporting Club Thamesmead is also taking part.