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Open Mic Night

3rd November 2014

We had a great night at Thamesmead Youth Voice's third Open Mic Night on 30 October.

More than 100 people from all over Thamesmead turned up, some in amazing costumes in the spirit of Halloween.

Seventeen acts performed, from vibrant jazz musicians to spectacular drumming and electrifying guitar.

The mouth watering menu enticed many people to make table orderes at our cafe which featured a fun, fruit punch dubbed Kisses on the Island by members of TYV.

The Link Thamesmead Operations Worker and Thamesmead Youth Voice Support Leader, Dal Lall said: “This is the third Open Mic Night Thamesmead Youth Voice have held at The Link and it keeps growing from strength to strength. The success is down to all their hard work, committed staff members and The Link’s partners, along with support from our fabulous community, who are not only a great audience but great performers too.”http://www.premierpaintballguns.com/